Rae McAlister
Fine art, Photography, Music, Furnishing

Rae McAlister is a Colorado native recently returned home from beautiful Coeur d’Alene, ID. Born into a musical family she was vocally classically trained with roots in music theater, jazz, and folk, and then was self taught instrumentally on piano, guitar, and ukulele. A nomad she's traveled and lived internationally, as well as throughout these great states, writing songs of the back road narratives along the way. She’s been performing Folk Rock and Baroque Pop music for many years in which she's had the privilege to play venues such as the Fort Collins Square, Mishawaka, City Park, The Downtown Artery, and The Bluebird Theater as well as venues nationwide.

Beyond music, art has always been a part of Rae's life, constantly finding new mediums and creative new ways to express herself. Stay tuned for new projects and pieces.

Welcome to the Raeverse! Keep up with new videos made in the our home studio, Raenbow Creations. We'll also post live videos of Rae's performances and other artists as she traverses the music scene.

Rae loves to play private parties, weddings, and special events. If you are interested in specifics or pricing, please email us: booking@raemcalister.com